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Environmental Type Breather
Patent awarded since 1991. Sold over 4000units.
Environmental Type Breather

Installation of SC Breather at site

  • The SC Type Silicagel Breather is regeneratable after absorbing moisture from air.
  • The cartridge cell can be replaced easily without using special tool. Reusable by regenerating 8 to 12 hours with exclusive regenerator which reduce the schedule waste expense and envirnmental friendly.
  • Oil less
  • SC Type Breather do not use oil cup
  • Cartridge type Breather enable for easy and quick replacement.
  • The body of breather is transparent type, therefore the descoloration of the silica gel is visible.
シリカゲル容量:1Kg(1Kg×1) 2Kg(1Kg×2)3Kg(1Kg×3) シリカゲル再生装置

Size of Silicagel Breather :1Kg(1Kg×1)

Regenerator for SC Silicagel Breather