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Portable Oil Tester
SKN Oil Tester
The SKN Type oil tester is ideal for testing the dielectric strength of transformer insulating oil which complies to JIS standard. It is light and portable, convenience for using at site, laboratory and plant.

  • SKN type oil tester is thoroughly conformable to JIS C2101, designed as small ,light and compact.
  • Voltage available for increasing and decreasing smoothly and continuously by means of a slide voltage regulator.
  • The gap of electrodes is exactly adjusted by means of a micrometer equipped on one electrode shaft.
  • This tester is equipped with an air circuit breaker which will automatically open the transformer primary circuit when the oil insulation breaks down and protect the equipment safely.
  • This tester can be normally operated without any hindrance even at the supply voltage of 10% higher or lower than the rated voltage.
Standard Specification
Model SKN-550AR SKN-1060AR SKN-1080AR SKN-10100AR
Operation Automatic
Power Source50/60Hz Single Phase 100/200V
Test Voltage KV 50 60 80 100
TransformerVA 500 1000
Accessories Oil cup 12.5mmφBall Electrodes and micrometer
For Power source, For connection, adapter for ground terminal
Remark In addition to the above mentioned standard types, we are manufacturing other tester suitable for another power source voltage, and conformable to ASTM, IEC and other foreigner standards.