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Heatless Type Dry Air Generator

The Heatless type dry air generator is suitable for supplying dry air at site and is able to be continuously operated without manual assistance by automatic recycling of air drying and regeneration of absorbent.


Type SD-010

The features of the heatless type is the fact that moisture adsorption and reclamation of adsorbent is performed automatically and mutually at an interval of 5 minutes and can be used for semipermanently.
Furthermore, reclamation of the used adsorbent does not neccessary any heat source such as an electric heater, and is carried out with 15 - 20% of the generated dry air branched from the dry air outlet.
This Heatless type dry air generator is contrived so as its dry air consumption to be less than 15%.

Model Capacity(lit/min)
SD-010S 1000 60
SD-020S 2000 120
SD-030S 3000 180
SD-050S 5000 300