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SF6 Gas Recovery Unit

This unit is used for maintenance and inspection of SF6 gas insulated substations(GIS).
This unit is constructed from high quality materials to meet high pressure gas standard and ensures easy operation and maintenance. This unit is rugged enough to withstand vibrating during transportation and operation.

SF6 Gas Recovery Unit  SF6 Gas Storing Tank

SF6 Gas Recovery Unit

SF6 Gas Storing Tank

Compact Light design, mobile type

1.Recovering, refining and liquidized/gaseous storing of SF6 gas.
2.Filling of SF6 gas
3.Vacuum exhausting of SF6 gas plant

  • Model: SFL-30V-005(Liquefied Recovery)SFG-12-010P-S(Gasified Recovery)
  • Exhausting Speed: 1500L/min
  • Dimension: 800Wx1000Lx1000H
  • Approx. mass: 400kg