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HYDROGEN GAS detector in transformer oil GASTECTOR
Preventive maintenance tool of transformer
  • Internal abnormality of the transformer is always observed.
    The hydrogen gas generated by unusual overheating and electric discharge inside transformer is always observed. When hydrogen gas occurs, if the set-up level is exceeded, the orange lamp of the main body of GASTESTOR will light up. Furthermore, if hydrogen gas concentration increases and “Attention necessary level” is reached, the red lamp turns on and lighting up, and the contact for alarms operates.
  • Easy to install
    Install the flange adaptor H2 gas sensor in the upper part of the moisture absorption of transformer. It is installed regardless of the size of the new or the existing transformer, and capacity of transformer
    Installation example to breather of oil cup type Installation example to eco-breather
    Installation example to breather of oil cup type
    Installation example to eco-breather
  • Record quantity of detection of the hydrogen gas
    The trend of 30 day can recorded on the memory inside GASTECTOR. Progress of the gasification level can be displayed with a computer using attached software.
Principle of operation

Internal abnormality of the transformer is always observed. When local part overheating, poor contact, etc. occur inside transformer, inflammable gas occurs. Because active energy is high in the hydrogen gas which dissolved in oil, it penetrates a diaphragm and comes out to the conservator air side. When the oil temperature of the transformer rises, the gas in the conservator air side is exhaled through the breather, and can detect hydrogen gas in gas by the sensor installed in the upper breather. Although the hydrogen concentration in the gas breathed out is changed according to temperature, the pattern of load, and the model of a conservator, about temperature, the temperature sensor inside GASTECTOR rectifies and others are converted into the concentration in oil of transformer by setup of a conversion constant. Level display of two-step setup, operation of an alarm contact will record to memory with this value.

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HYDROGEN GAS detector in transformer oil GASTECTOR

Operation properties

  • Detection range : Hydrogen concentration in the main body of transformer oil 50ppm~750ppm ±20% (Temperature 10~25℃)
  • Level indication : Standard setup
    Level 1 : Orange lighting···Hydrogen concentration in oil 200ppm
    Level 2 : Red lighting, warning alarm contact operation······ Hydrogen concentration in oil 400ppm
    *Designation level can set at an order.
    *Contact capacity for alarms : AC240V, DC100V, 0.6A.
    *The indication performs hold after lighting and can reset with the button in the box
  • Record memory : Record 30 day of peak point of a daily detection level.
    Read-out of the record is possible with a computer with attached software and connection cable (port RS232C is required) to computer.
  • Power source : AC200V (AC100V can be specified at an order) 50/60Hz Single phase. Power switch is installed in the H2 gas detector.
  • Power consumption : 10W
  • Dimension, mass : H2 gas detector main body, 310H x 155W x 80D, 6.3Kg
    Protection against dust drip-proof structure.
  • Color : 2.5Y8.5/2
  • Accessories : * Installation plate for H2 gas detector main body. * Flange adapter gasket.

This GASTECTOR complements the interval of the periodical gas analysis in oil. When an orange lamp lights up, please check outbreak progress of the amount of hydrogen gas in memory. In case of an upward rise, we recommend to extraction oil in transformer and do gas analysis. The sensitivity setup of GASTECTOR can be rectified by the gas analysis result in oil. When a red lamp lights up, please diagnose the cause by gas analysis in oil immediately, and work on the cure based on a result. In case of the internal damage accident in which the protective system of transformer operates, although a lot of gas occurs, the diaphragm of conservator is penetrated, and it requires time for detect of the discharge in the rise of the oil temperature by the rise of temperature. Implementation of the gas analysis in oil is recommended in case of an accident.