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SOC Turbine Lubricating Oil Conditioner
In order to maintain effective operation of the turbine-generator, it is necessary to carry
out appropiate lubrication oil maintenance. It is a well-known fact that in normal turbine-generator operation there are usually present certain factors which hasten oxidation and possible deterioration of the oil, These may be generally summed up as air, heat, moisture, metalic contact and contamination by dust, metalic particles, fly-ash and other substances. The turbine-generator will use rust inhibited,
antiform, and oxidation-inhibited lubricating oil.
The recommended oil conditioning practice of the Turbine oils committe of the ASTM consists of bypassing.
through the conditioning equipment approximately 20% per hour of the total amount oil that is in the turbine circulating system. This recommendation is generally accepted by turbine manufacturers, oil suppliers and consulting eingineers.
The oil treated by 'SANMI' Turbine Oil Condtioner separates free water below 0.05% and it is possible to completely remove solid particles in the oil to over two micron.
SOC-8 Turbine lube Oil Conditioner

SOC-8 Turbine lube Oil Conditioner

The treatment capacity ranges from 1000L/Hr to 18000L/Hr . There are eight sizes with deliveries made to main power plants in Japan and other countries. The general construction of all sizes is the same, the difference being only in the number of filtering elements and capacity of the various three(3) separates compartments and polishing filters.

Treatment Capacity : 8000L/Hr

Model SOC-1 SOC-2 SOC-4 SOC-6 SOC-8 SOC-10 SOC-15 SOC-18
Capacity Lit/Hr 1000 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 15000 18000
Performance After 4 circulation at 30-60℃, oil moisture removed from 1% to 0.05%, and contamination removed over 2 micron.